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We promote the integral development of children, adolescents and young people through the Northeastern culture, contributing to the social transformation of the hinterland of Paraíba.

Cultural route that generates an itinerant art circuit. Collective and integrative action in the upper sertão region of Paraíba conceived by Pisada do Sertão.


Route of the Sun

Objetiva to awaken the development of skills and potential of mothers of children, adolescents and young people assisted by Pisada do Sertão so that they can believe that they are capable of achieving their goals and transforming their social reality, creating opportunities for achievement of your dreams.


Mothers at Work

The project objetive promoting rights of children and adolescents through socio-educational, cultural and sports activities, in a perspective of training for citizenship, aiming to minimize situations of risk and social vulnerability in the territory.

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CEC - Center for Culture, Sport and Citizenship

Continued action whose principle is to promote educational sport as a tool for integral development in the inclusion of children, adolescents and young people through sports, socio-educational and cultural activities.

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Paths to Citizenship

The practice of reading is a tool for human development. The project  aims to build a reading society, promoting the democratization of access to the production, fruition and dissemination of books and reading as a strategic action for social inclusion and human development.

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Reading Community

The project is a proposal for a partnership with schools, which articulates different knowledge in the perspective of integral education through systematic activities of reading, educommunication and protagonism as a basis for the creative, critical and reflective formation of the subjects.

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Integrated School: knowledge that transforms

Monthly training meetings with social actors from ten cities in the countryside.

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To sow

The objective of the project is to strengthen the social protection network for children and adolescents based on the proposal of integral education in partnership with municipal schools in the rural area through workshops de leitura , citizenship, dance and music.


TEIA- Educational Territory of Articulated Intervention

Quem somos

A Pisada do Sertão atua desde 2004 no sertão paraibano atendendo crianças, adolescentes e jovens e suas famílias em situação de vulnerabilidade social e extrema pobreza, com a missão de promover seu desenvolvimento integral por meio da cultura nordestina contribuindo para a transformação social do território sertanejo.


Telefone: (83) 99848-0713

CNPJ: 08.842.657/0001-08
Representante legal:  Ana Neiry de Moura Alves

Endereço: Rua Maria das Dores de Carvalho - Nº156

                    Poço de José de Moura, Sertão da Paraíba,                        CEP 58908-000

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