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Developing people to transform the world


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Hello, we are Pisada do Sertão

We encourage people to believe in themselves, in their dreams, as protagonists for the construction of a better world, in which they exercise a proactive attitude in the face of existing situations of vulnerability. These impacts are articulated between social, cultural, educational and economic aspects, as they directly influence human development, in a new way of thinking and acting.


impacted people

Pessoas impactadas

Pisada do Sertão and you developing people to transform the  world

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A reality has imposed itself on us. An invisible enemy that forced us to review all our actions. We adapted our actions to the new context, the face-to-face activities, which were our main way of working with children, adolescents, young people and their country families, needed to be transferred to the virtual.


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Donate and support our people

We serve children, adolescents, young people and their families in situations of social vulnerability and extreme poverty, with the mission of promoting their integral development through the Northeastern culture, contributing to the social transformation of the sertanejo territory.

With this amount we were able to help an entire family for five days.

BRL 30

With this amount we were able to help an entire family for ten dias.

BRL 60

With this amount we were able to help an entire family for two weeks.

BRL 100

Quem somos

A Pisada do Sertão atua desde 2004 no sertão paraibano atendendo crianças, adolescentes e jovens e suas famílias em situação de vulnerabilidade social e extrema pobreza, com a missão de promover seu desenvolvimento integral por meio da cultura nordestina contribuindo para a transformação social do território sertanejo.


Telefone: (83) 99848-0713

CNPJ: 08.842.657/0001-08
Representante legal:  Ana Neiry de Moura Alves

Endereço: Rua Maria das Dores de Carvalho - Nº156

                    Poço de José de Moura, Sertão da Paraíba,                        CEP 58908-000

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