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CEO and Founder of Pisada do Sertão, Ana Neiry, takes on a second term as State Councilor for Culture of Paraíba.

It is with great honor that we announce that Ana Neiry de Moura, CEO and founder of Pisada do Sertão, has been sworn in for her second term as State Councilor for Culture. His appointment represents recognition of his ongoing commitment to the cultural and social development of the region.

Since her first inauguration, Ana Neiry has played a fundamental role in formulating cultural policies and promoting cultural diversity in our state. His vast experience in the field of culture and his deep commitment to communities have been a source of inspiration for all of us.

As CEO of Pisada do Sertão, Ana Neiry has led innovative initiatives that promote popular culture and strengthen community ties. Her vision and leadership have been fundamental to the success of Pisada do Sertão, and we are confident that she will bring this same dedication and passion to her second term as State Councilor for Culture.

During her new mandate, Ana Neiry will continue to advocate for policies that promote inclusion, accessibility and the preservation of cultural heritage. His commitment to promoting culture as a vehicle for social transformation will be a driving force behind his actions on the board. The Sertão of Paraíba, especially the 9th region of culture, is happy to see Ana Neiry continue to represent not only Pisada do Sertão, but also all artists, producers and cultural institutions and communities, in such an important position. His second term is a testament to his unwavering commitment to culture and his ability to make a difference in our state. We look forward to seeing the accomplishments that will be achieved under your inspiring leadership.

Prepared by Tamara Dantas

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