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Pisada do Sertão is one of the 100 Best NGOs of 2022

Finalists in the special categories will be announced this Saturday, October 22, during the International Festival of Social Innovation (Fiis)

The Best NGOs Award has just announced the 100 winning Brazilian third sector organizations in 2022 and Pisada do Sertão is one of them. On the list, which is already available on the website, it is possible to know the name of the organizations recognized for their good practices in areas such as governance, transparency, communication and financing. The Best NGOs Award is carried out by Instituto O Mundo que Quero, Instituto Doar and Ambev VOA, with the support of researchers from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Instituto Humanize and Fundação Toyota do Brasil.

The highlights in the special categories will be known during the official award ceremony, which this year will once again be in person and is already scheduled for November 25th, at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo. In addition to the top 100, awards will also be given to the best NGOs by state, cause, the ten best small organizations and the best among them.

“The list of the 100 Best NGOs is a tribute to organizations that managed to reach the highest degree of management and efficiency to help society in its causes. They are made up of people who had the determination and freedom to act in favor of a just cause”, says Alexandre Mansur, director of projects at O ​​Mundo Que Quero. He points out that these organizations, with their diversity of areas of activity, show the fundamental role that citizens have in a democracy to get together and act to improve society and the environment.

Finalists will be announced at FIIS

This year, the Best NGOs Award will also participate in the Fiis - International Festival of Social Innovation, which takes place on October 22, at 10:30 am, at the Ibirapuera Auditorium, in São Paulo. During the event, the Best NGOs Award initiative brought together others for a conversation about what is being done to encourage donations in Brazil.

On the occasion, the finalists of the special categories will be announced. The traditional platform will also be officially launched to help the 100 organizations that were highlighted to raise donations. The tool makes it possible for anyone to donate online directly to any of the 100 winning NGOs. “If people didn't donate because they didn't know who to donate to, now there's no more excuse", says Marcelo Estraviz, director of Instituto Doar, one of the organizers of the Prize.

The prize

Since 2017, the Best NGOs Award recognizes the fundamental work carried out by non-governmental institutions in Brazil and also acts as a beacon to guide donations. In addition, it encourages good practices, also contributing to the improvement in the management of all participants, including those who are not awarded, who also receive detailed feedback from the evaluation.



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