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Impact of Pisada do Sertão in 2022

We believe that through culture, as identity, appreciation of history, our origins, the doings and knowledge of our people, it is possible to build a new history, in which we can break limiting cycles. We recognize in culture, creativity, possibility, authenticity and the ability to build bridges and break down walls, creating and providing opportunities for access to human development.

It is through culture, that Pisada do Sertão has fostered in the region, the importance of valuing your place, the people who live there and what these people produce. Being the Best Cultural NGO in the Country is a recognition that honors every Poçomourense citizen, every Paraibano and every Northeasterner. This legitimacy has strengthened the Organization's actions in expansion and impact.

In 2022, Pisada do Sertão worked in partnership with 10 municipalities in Paraíba, providing 41,300 services, the number of people served were 512 children and teenagers in socio-educational music activities, dance, reading, play, sport and socio-emotional education, 2,448 families were supported with digital baskets and gas vouchers, 1,495 women and young people qualified in 28 professional qualification courses, and 229 of these were included in the job market.

Based on the data presented regarding 2022, we consider that the biggest impact is in the alignment of purpose of those who do and those who receive. These numbers are possible because the organization sought to invest in its institutional development, both in processes and people.

From this management and governance perspective, it is possible to build solid processes and impact more people.

We continue to believe that Sertão will become a sea of opportunities. And these opportunities are already being built by all of us.

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