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Breaking New Paths: The Stomp of the Sertão and the Sustainable Revolution in the Heart of Paraíba

News at the beginning of 2024 that rekindles the flame of hope in the heart of Sertão Paraibano.

Pisada do Sertão, elected in 2023 as the best NGO in Paraíba and one of the 100 best NGOs in Brazil, committed to promoting regional development, has just taken a giant step towards to the social transformation of Poço de José de Moura and Poço Dantas, with projects that are true milestones of cultural, sporting, technological and environmental innovation.

With a contribution of more than 2 million reais, guaranteed through Incentive Laws, this initiative is more than a project, it is a movement of sustainable change that will touch every life of these communities. And the best? Pisada do Sertão is not alone on this journey. In alliance with the Municipality of Poço Dantas and the CMDCA, and large financial institutions such as Itaú, B3 Social, BTG Pactual among others, we are witnessing the union of forces in favor of a brighter and more developed future for children, teenagers and rural families .

Culture as the Root of Local Development

Imagine vibrant cultural spaces sprouting in the Sertão, where traditions are not only preserved, but also celebrated. Pisada do Sertão understands that culture is the fertile soil from which all other forms of growth can emerge. Therefore, it is building partnerships with the local administration and with the inhabitants themselves to cultivate an environment where art and local history are the protagonists.

Sport: Scoring Goals for the Future

In the sports field, the vision is clear: to enhance Escolinha do Futuro. We are not just talking about sport, but about forming champions in life. Through sport and socio-emotional development, Sertão youth will learn about health, teamwork and leadership. Qualified coaches, first-class infrastructure and an inclusive philosophy promise to transform the reality of many young people.

Technology: The Bridge to the Digital World

In the digital age, knowing how to handle technology is as fundamental as reading and writing. In partnership with the IFPB of Cajazeiras, Pisada do Sertão is paving the way for teenagers and educators to not only master digital tools, but also develop critical skills that will be indispensable in the job market of the future. Training programs and access to cutting-edge equipment are at the heart of this transformative project.

Renewable Energy: Lighting the Path to Sustainability

And speaking of the future, let's talk about sustainability. The implementation of the Solar Communities by Pisada do Sertão project is a win-win game: we reduce the ecological footprint and, at the same time, open the way for new economic opportunities, integrating professional qualification and productive inclusion through agroecology. We're talking about clean energy, creating clean jobs and a greener future.


These are initiatives that transcend the present. The fruits harvested will nourish not only our generation, but also those to come. It is an investment in the purest essence of what prosperity means: a legacy of well-being, knowledge and respect for the environment.

I invite each of you to closely monitor the growth of this seed of transformation. Let's celebrate each achievement of Pisada do Sertão together and, most importantly, be an active part of this success story that is being written in Sertão Paraibano.

A promising future is on the horizon, and it begins with firm and determined steps - the true "step" of development.

Support this and other initiatives.

Instagram: @pisadadosertaopb

Prepared by: Comunicação Pisada do Sertão

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